Bridal Fantasy

Wedding jewellery is an emotion, an experience and always leaves an everlasting impression. Mehta jewellery ‘Bridal Fantasy’ caters to brides who believe in the best. Our collection ranges from Traditional temple designs to eclectic contemporary styles, Jhumkas to chandelier earrings, Classic diamond Padakams to trendy uncut jewellery. Whatever your ornament preference is, a Mehta Jewellery Bride owns her spotlight!

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Our Story

The Mehta Touch

Timeless treasures since 1911

More than a hundred years ago, the Mehtas migrated from Palanpur, Gujarat, to settle in south India. In 1910, the late Bapalal Bhaichand Mehta established Bapalal & Co in Rattan Bazaar in what was then George Town, Madras. As it grew to become a popular jewellery retail house, he invited Surendra and Harindra, his nephews and eldest brother's sons, to join the business along with other members of his family.


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