Dream Jewellery Scheme

Buy the jewellery you always wanted with a little planning. With monthly instalments to suit your budget and exciting joining gifts, here’s a dream scheme that gives you highest bonus guaranteed.

11 Rs 66000 Rs 6000 Rs 72,000
Join Scheme


  • Easy installments – to suit your budget
  • Highest Bonus guaranteed
  • Total investment including bonus can be adjustable against purchase jewellery.
  • Highest bonus instalments for on-time payment.

Terms & Conditions

  • This is a sales promotion scheme and the applicant is given a jewel only after he/she has paid the entire value of the jewel inclusive of taxes. Mehta's Dream Jewellery Scheme entitles the applicant to benefits in the form of free bonus which will accrue at the end of the savings plan period and which will also be adjusted towards the purchase of the jewels.
  • The applicant will pay his/her monthly instalments of Rs. 6000/- each or multiples of 1000 as per initial installment.
  • The applicant may join the scheme for 11 months. Accordingly the applicant will pay a total amount of 66000.
  • The applicant may join the scheme on any day. Subsequent monthly instalments will fall due on the same day of subsequent months. If that day happens to be a holiday, then payment must be made on the previous working day. Payments shall be made during working hours. Instalments may be paid by cash / Demand Draft / Money Order / Cheque/RTGS.
  • The applicant must obtain signed receipts for the payments and an entry on the Payment Register Card which will be provided on enrollment. No payment shall be recognised without proper signed receipts and proper entries in the Payment Register Card.
  • If all installments have been paid as above, a bonus equal to the monthly contribution will be credited on the Payment Register Card one month after the payment of the final instalment and the applicant may select any jewel of his/her choice from our stock at the prevailing price for the total value of all the instalments paid and the bonus which is credited as above. Details of bonus will be credited on the Payment Register Card if all instalments have been regularly paid as above.
  • If the applicant desires a jewel which is not available in stock, an order can be placed for the same.
  • The price of the jewel(s) must be equal to or exceed the total credit shown in the Payment Register Card including bonus.
  • The jewel will be delivered subject to the Payment Register Card and all receipts being submitted to Mehta Jewellery at the close of the plan period and the additional cost of the jewel, if any, being paid in full.
  • If the applicant fails to deposit the instalments on the due dates, he/she may pay this instalment before the next due date, and the completion of the scheme will be 'delayed by the number of months for which the applicant has delayed payment of the monthly instalments.
  • If an applicant decides to withdraw from the scheme prior to the completion of the time period applied for, the applicant may purchase any jewellery from our stock of the value of the total amount deposited by him/her till the date of withdrawal from the scheme, without availing of any bonus.
  • Under no circumstances will any money be paid back at any time.
  • In case of death of the applicant, all the rights will be transferred to the nominee mentioned on the application form.
  • The scheme is open to individuals only. Minors may be enrolled by their legal or natural guardians.
  • No reminders will be sent for any installments.
  • The decision of the Management of Mehta Jewellery shall be final with respect to the scheme.
  • Mehta Jewellery reserves the right to alter, to amend, add to, or revoke the terms and conditions of these schemes, without notice.
  • Disputes, if any, will be subject to a competent Court in Chennai Jurisdiction only.
  • All articles purchased under the scheme will be subject to Tamil Nadu VAT, etc. as applicable.